Benjamin Grae is a commercial real estate brokerage firm focused exclusively on acquisitions of space for lease or buildings for purchase. Corporate tenants and institutional investors turn to us because we are acquisition specialists—formally trained in both building engineering and commercial real estate law.


As the only brokerage firm with this expertise, we make sure our clients know what the building owner knows: the building’s true condition and the contract’s true financial impact. Filling this knowledge gap for commercial real estate professionals has never been more important. Here’s why.


The Problem:

Costly Acquisition Mistakes


Buildings have become more complex, containing increasingly sophisticated and expensive systems. Contracts, too, have increased in complexity, ballooning from a few pages of simple language to over fifty pages of risk-shifting legalese that appears harmless to the untrained eye.


Unfortunately, brokerage training has not kept pace. Large brokerage firm training is still as it was 50 years ago—primarily sales focused. Selling skills may have been adequate for yesterday’s deals, but they are unquestionably inadequate for deals involving today’s more complex buildings and contracts.


This knowledge gap among today’s brokers leads to costly acquisition mistakes. Increasingly, tenants and buyers are likely overpaying for buildings leased or acquired, and they are left vulnerable to risks that could have been anticipated and taken into account in drafting the contract.


The Solution:

Our Building & Contract Due Diligence Program


Aware of this growing knowledge gap, we use our combined training in building science and law to do more than just find you property. We use our building and contract due diligence program to help you avoid costly acquisition mistakes. 


First, we use our engineering experience to examine the building for its true value. We look beneath the handsome exterior—digging into the dark basements and other unseen areas, bringing to light the building’s true condition, and revealing the quality and expected life of its major systems. Click for more on Building Due Diligence.


Second, we use our legal experience to carefully craft your business terms of the contract. Equipped with the knowledge of which systems are healthy and which are failing or soon to fail, we help minimize your risk exposure by ensuring your deal terms are shaped by the current quality and condition of the building.  Click for more on Contract Due Diligence.


As the only brokerage firm with this building and contract due diligence program, we are able to:


  • Spot existing problems others overlook

  • Foresee future problems others are not trained to see

  • Address both kinds of problems with contract tools others are not trained to use


At Benjamin Grae, we provide you with advice that puts your knowledge on par with the owner; advice that helps you avoid acquisition mistakes; advice that helps you find the right deal for your company.